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Creating a mashup with SessionMaker

Welcome to your virtual studio. SessionMaker is a revolutionary platform that allows you to create music in a social setting. Whether you’re an experienced pianist, or just starting out on drums, log on to find local musicians that you would like to work with. Create a new online music collaboration project and simply upload your piece. Those who you invite to the project can listen to your piece and add their own. Its that simple. Create awesome music mashups or simply jam online with other musicians.

Transcript from Explainer Video

When you’re sitting around... strumming that guitar or playing music — alone — you ever wish you could connect with other musicians to jam a little? We wanted to play with family and friends, but they lived too far away. Then we wanted to find musicians in our area. Again... no luck.

 That’s not a problem anymore because we created a virtual studio that connects musicians around the world to play --together. You create the beautiful tune that, before SessionMaker, would’ve stayed with you -- alone.

 Now, there’s NOTHING wrong with playing music alone. But, selecting a few talented musicians from around the world to play alongside? Well, that’s music to our ears.

 All you do is record something special with video and audio. Upload it into SessionMaker and post as public for the SessionMaker community to contribute or private for just friends. After that... it’s as simple as dragging and dropping collaborators into your session and creating sweet music to listeners’ ears. It’s SessionMaker – making music together.

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