Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: How can I share the session I created with friends that are not part of SessionMaker?

Answer: Simple, have them join! In the meantime just copy and paste the URL displayed when you click the share button under the finished, published session and paste it into your email, facebook post etc.

Question: How many people can join one session?

Answer: Up to 4 total. The session admin (that started the session) and one, two or three others

Question: Can I contribute more than one audio / video to the session?

Answer: Yes! You can upload up to 3 to be considered for the session, the session admin can choose up to 3 for the final session to be published.

Question: What kinds of file formats do you accept?

Answer: Currently we accept mp3 and mp4 files.

Question: What is the maximum size file I can upload?

Answer: Current the maximum is 30MB.

Question: Can I choose who can see the final product?

Answer: Yes, when you are ready to publish, you will have a choice to make your session “Private” or “Public”.

Question: Can I upgrade my plan after choosing an initial option?

Answer: Yes! And the cost will be prorated. Please note there is no option to downgrade.