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March 2016

SessionMaker Announces Virtual Studio

Portsmouth NH, March 30, 2016—SessionMaker ( is revolutionizing the way you holdjam sessions.

Did your favorite bassist just move half way across the globe? Are you searching for a fellow artist to create music with, but can’t seem to find any in your area? Do you enjoy teaming up with other artists, but hate travelling and lugging your instruments? Now you can jam online with other musicians from the comfort of your living room.

SessionMaker is a platform that allows you to upload your own creations, find local or global artists, and create music mashups with multiple talents. Simply go to, create an account, and begin your online music collaboration! You can find local musicians, or artists that are across the country; it doesn’t matter how far they are, because you can still jam! SessionMaker allows you to upload your own part of a song, video, etc. and then invite friends to upload their parts. When you finish a session, you can edit it and complete it with imagery, video, and a description before sharing it with the public or keeping it for yourself. There’s no better way to create music with artists near and far. SessionMaker makes video online music collaboration simple!Sign up for a free trial and get jamming!

For more information, or to sign up for SessionMaker, please visit

About SessionMaker

SessionMaker allows you to create collaborative video and audio with fellow musicians and artists from around the world. It’s a social networking site that will forever change how music is produced. Simply sign up to begin your online music collaboration, at