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Record, upload, drag and drop. That’s all you’ll have to do to make that sweet music collaboration that, up until SessionMaker, remained only in your imagination.

Your online jam sessions will be as easy as signing up and searching for other musicians, from around the world, who share similar musical interests. SessionMaker makes it that easy.

Soon, that’s how you’ll get to create your music mashups. You jam online with other musicians from around the world and it’s easy AND fun? What’s better than that?

And that’s exactly how SessionMaker creator, Chris Martinez, envisioned it the whole time he was thinking about members of his site who use the online jamming software.

“It will be as easy as using the onboard camera on their device to record their video and then upload into the SessionMaker site,” Martinez says. “I’m hoping that SessionMaker will be a website for all the artists.  They can provide feedback for improvements which the monthly subscription will help to fund and make the site everybody’s website.”

SessionMaker members will need a couple of things before they create their beautiful music, though. “They will need some way of recording video on a computer/device, instrument, and a pair of headphones if they want to contribute to someone else’s session,” Martinez says. But, that shouldn’t be a problem because most computers, nowadays, come equipped with a camera and most musicians come equipped with headphones and an instrument.

And, Martinez confirms, the process of collaborating leads to a fine-tuned finished product.

“The final product will play up to four videos together and will be able to be seen on their SessionMaker dashboard and profile page,” he says. “The final session will also be able to be made public for all to see and collaborate with or private for just their friends to see.  If it is someone who is not registered they will still be able to see the featured and public sessions.”

It’s SessionMaker and it’s here…almost.

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